Website Design Layout

Website Design Layout

What is Meant by Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design refers to when the page layout and design elements adjust for different screen sizes and dimensions. This ability for a website to be easily viewed on any number of devices is a necessity for modern websites. And while some sites still opt for adaptive designs or mobile URLs, responsive design is the most popular solution to this problem.

Generally speaking, the smaller the screen your website is on gets, the more simplified the site should be. This is done in a number of ways, such as reducing the overall screen width, altering the sizes of text and images, and streamlining site navigation. However, even with all of these changes, the “character” of the full design should still exist. It’s the same site, but it’s responding to the change in screen size.

If you’re looking for an example of a responsive design, look no further than If you’re reading this on a laptop or desktop right now, then you can test out our responsive design for yourself. Put your browser in windowed mode, and then drag one of the sides in towards the other to make the viewable screen more narrow. You’ll notice that the text never gets cut off, but instead is reformatted to fit the adjusting screen size. Additionally, once your


11 May 2022


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