Indiafin offers online ecommerce solution: LiteCommerce

LiteCommerce is a lightweight high-tech online e-Commerce solution to make an internet store launching as easy as surfing the web. It is more than just a shopping cart. It is a multipurpose e-Commerce platform. Customizable: 97 percent of object-oriented PHP code is open source, template based, Dreamweaver and FrontPage compatible, API allows third party add-ons. Scalable: modular architecture lets it grow with your business. Numerous built-in features and add-on modules will make your online store a success: inventory management, SEO tools, credit card processing, special offers and many others. Easy-to-use: After installing LiteCommerce, running storefront with sample products is up immediately. Manage your web store simply using a web browser. You can focus on sales instead of wasting efforts .

Indiafin offers online ecommerce solution Litecommerce web design,development,software installation services for the clients.The difference between LiteCommerce and X-cart is that LiteCommerce have modular design.With LiteCommerce you can take full advantage of Application Service Provider business model.

LiteCommerce Features:

  • 27 Payment Gateways
  • Gentler learning curve than X-Cart
  • FLEXY template Engine
  • No programming required to Setup -Windows Program
  • Backup/Restore shop database
  • Publish your design after customization
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • All orders are stored in MySQL database
  • Password reminder for customers
  • Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Quick-start wizard
  • Control Panel for Windows
  • Windows installation wizard
  • Support for thumbnails
  • Built-in image editor
  • Real-time UPS shipping calculation
  • Intershipper support
  • Customizable tax calculation
  • Multi-homed products (list a product in unlimited number of categories
  • Full inventory control
  • Limit minimal order amount
  • Limit maximal order amount
  • Featured products showcase
  • On-screen mini-cart with brief cart info
  • Built-in CSS editor
  • Support for WYSIWYG web editors
  • Product search statistics
  • Export orders to MS Excel XP format
  • Order data is easy to print
  • Allow your customers to choose delivery methods
  • Customizable tax calculation